Monday 11th July 10-11am (55+ BEGINNERS)

Tuesday 12th July 6-7pm

Thursday 14th July 6-7pm

Saturday 16th July 8-9am

No bookings required.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts.



There are many positive reasons to begin a practice of Iyengar yoga. Here are just a few to inspire you.

  1. Increased Flexibility and Strength

You don’t need to be flexible to start practicing Iyengar yoga, but if you practice regularly, your flexibility will improve.

In addition to improving your flexibility, the timings involved in holding each pose builds strength and tones your body. A regular practice will engage and strengthen the whole body.

  1. Improved Posture

Through its focus on alignment in practice, Iyengar yoga strengthens the muscles of the body responsible for posture. With minor adjustments to improve alignment, the small muscles that are often weak become stronger. You will sit and stand straighter, which in turn, will give you more energy, less pain, and increased confidence!

  1. A Calmer Mind

The detailed focus on alignment in the practice of yoga poses (asanas), trains your mind to be in the present moment, and stop thinking about other thoughts. BKS Iyengar describes this as ‘meditation in action’. The more you practice, the calmer your mind will be – both on and off the mat!

  1. Improved Breathing

With improved posture and increased openness in your chest from practice, you will not only breathe better, you will be more aware of your breath. Many of us hold our breath during times of stress. The more aware you become of your breath, the less you’ll end up holding your breath unconsciously and the less stressed you will be.

  1. Protection from Disease

Iyengar yoga works on an organic level with the body. Regular practice helps improve the overall functioning of the body’s various systems such as the circulatory, endocrine, nervous and digestive systems. When these systems work well, organs are nourished, toxins are eliminated, and the risk of some diseases goes down.

  1. Pain Relief

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of Iyengar yoga to relieve back and neck pain. By focusing attention on alignment, much of the slouching, hunching, and muscle weakness that leads to back and neck pain can be overcome.

  1. Better Food and Lifestyle Habits

As you calm your mind and become more aware of your body, mind and breath, your body responds by choosing healthier food and lifestyle choices. Research has also shown that with practice, many of our less healthy lifestyle options gradually cease to exist, contributing to a happier and healthier you!