Inversions workshop with Sally Bull

Saturday 27th August 2016 1-3.30pm

The focus of this workshop is to prepare the body and mind for the main inverted poses, and to find ways to access these postures with ease and equanimity. We will look at ways to access the poses using support from the props and the preparation poses, in order to achieve balance through correct alignment of the body.


Inversions are an important element of our yoga practice, and for some can invoke fear and resistance. It is important therefore to find ways to develop inversions and bring them into our daily life. The health benefits of inversions cannot be overemphasised. They are invigorating and dynamic, uplifting and soothing, heating or cooling. They are good for our brains, for our mental stability and for the thyroid, pineal, pituitary and adrenal glands. In particular the headstand, sirsasana, and the shoulder stand, sarvangasana, are the king and queen of the yoga practice according to Mr Iyengar, and through practice we will reap immense benefits from them throughout our lives.

This workshop will move gradually into inversions, by focusing on how to create a stable base, alignment, balance and extension. Modifications and different ways of working towards the final pose will be explored, as well as the remedial aspects of inversions.